Anna, Erin, and Ahmad’s Birthday Fundraiser

Erin, Anna, and Ahmad thank you for celebrating their birthdays. In lieu of gifts to them, please consider giving to these three boys in Afghanistan who they care about. 

Omar (C AF 457)     

Omar is an intelligent 11-year-old student. He is from Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. He loves bicycles, but his mother cannot afford one. His father passed away, so the family faces substantial financial difficulties. The mother, a homemaker, cannot find work. Omar has five siblings.
They live in a rented house with three other families. Omar’s family’s room is very cold, and they only sleep there at night and spend the day in their uncle’s room. They need appliances such as refrigerators, AC, and TV. His needs are:

  1. – Food: $139  
    – Fridge: $200  
    – Washer: $73 

Abbas (C AF 529)

Abbas is a smart 11-year-old student. He is from Kabul, Afghanistan. He has decided to study construction engineering in the future but is unfortunately deprived of all childhood privileges due to poverty. His father is blind. Abbas’s homemaker mother does needlework for a small income to help the family. The student has two brothers and two sisters, most of whom have not yet reached school age. 
Their rented house is shared with a neighbor in a poor neighborhood. The family needs some basic household appliances as well as food supplies. They often have bread and tea in their meals. 

  1. –  Food: $195 
    – Fridge: $200 
    – TV Set: $100 ( 32”), $155 (43”)
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