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Fuel for Families

While those of us unfamiliar with the climate of the Middle East and Central Asia might assume that winters in the region are relatively temperate, ...
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Our Cambodian New Year celebration

Education is about more than books and tests, isn’t it? It’s also about community. Child Foundation donors are bringing educational resources to our students every day. ...
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Child Foundation graduate in Iran is giving back

Your hardest step is the first one. But with hard work, the rest of your path will be easier. This is Milad’s message to others ...
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Nowruz Around the Globe

We are honored and excited to be ringing in Nowruz with Child Foundation staff, sponsors, donors, supporters, and sponsored families. Sometimes called the Persian New ...
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Our Iran Program Expands

Child Foundation is partnering with Bonyad Danesh and Bemehrbani to expand support in Iran. This is in addition to our work with CF’s longtime partner, Bonyade Koodak.  These new collaborations ...
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Sistan and Baluchestan Flood Aid Update

Last winter, due to thunder and heavy rain, Sistan and Baluchestan province and other southeastern cities have damaged and are in more need of help. ...
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Dayspring Pens is proud to partner with the Child Foundation through a donation of 40 engraved pens. It is an honor to be able to ...
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Thalassemia Treatment Fund

Afghanistan has been in the news, even more than usual. With President Biden’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of the country, many are fearful ...
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As our family and friends came together for Thanksgiving, ChildFoundation sponsored children and their families received food for meals through the support of our generous ...
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The Potential of One Sponsorship

Child Foundation Graduate on the Importance of a Chance   In Iran, Farshad has a few things. The first is a love of learning. Second, a great education thanks ...
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The Unforgettable Kids of Afghanistan

Child Foundation is fighting hunger, treating childhood illness, and getting education support to more and more children.  Fighting Hunger  Food package & bread distribution to Afghan ...
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We fought hunger together this Ramadan

Our 1,000 Food Baskets for 1,000 Families campaign was a great success. We exceeded our goal with support to 2,300 families this year! This campaign is ...
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