Child Foundation graduate in Iran is giving back

Your hardest step is the first one. But with hard work, the rest of your path will be easier. This is Milad’s message to others facing the same hardships he had grown up in Iran. Milad lost his father at three years old and began working at nine years old. Around this time, he learned about Child Foundation and started to receive sponsorship. Now, with a University of Tehran degree in engineering, he is giving back! Milad provides free academic counseling to low-income students. For these students, a good education can change their lives.  He knows this because his education (and the Child Foundation sponsors who made it possible) transformed his future. Because of people like you, he did not have to work as a child. Because of people like you, he did not worry about where his next meal was coming from. Because of people like you, he had the freedom to excel and now, pay that kindness forward.

Milad is changing the face of the future, one child at a time. You can do the same.

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