Leave A Legacy

Secure Future Opportunities for Children

Leave a Legacy Behind ​

At Child Foundation, we offer a wonderful opportunity for you to give back and make a profound impact through a legacy gift. By bequeathing property, stocks, or a specific amount or percentage of your estate to Child Foundation, you can help secure future funding for our work and ensure that as many children as possible can continue their education.

Sample Bequest Language

To provide guidance, we offer an example of wording that can be used in your will:

“I hereby bequeath to Child Foundation, Federal Tax I.D. number 93-1148608, a nonprofit organization operating under the laws of the State of Oregon and located in Portland, Oregon, the sum of $—— (or percentage of your estate or specific description of the gift) to be used by Child Foundation in fulfilling their mission.”

Consult, Impact, Empower

We recommend consulting with your financial adviser to determine which options would work best for you and align with your personal financial goals.

Leaving a legacy gift to Child Foundation ensures that future generations of children will have access to education and the opportunities they deserve. Your thoughtful consideration and generosity will create a lasting impact on their lives.

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