Our Iran Program Expands

Child Foundation is partnering with Bonyad Danesh and Bemehrbani to expand support in Iran. This is in addition to our work with CF’s longtime partner, Bonyade Koodak.  These new collaborations will help us expand our ongoing support to more children in more ways across the country. What have we accomplished with these new partners? 

Through these partnerships, we have already delivered hundreds of food vouchers and packages to families throughout Nowruz and Ramadan.   We’ve also delivered essential tools to students in need through the Iran Education Fund. As of June 2022, over 3,600 essential devices were delivered to children in Iran through all three of Child Foundation’s partners. 

What has the Iran Education Fund delivered so far? 

  • 740+ laptops 
  • 1,600 + tablets 
  • 300+ thumb drives 
  • 490 external hard drives 
  • 300+ internet equipment 
  • 115+ smartphones 
  • 14 PCs 

And this is only the beginning. Your support is reaching more students in more ways across Iran.   

Here is a brief report from Bonyad-e Koodak: 

And another report from Bemehrbani: 

And lastly, a report from Bonyad Danesh:

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