Sistan and Baluchestan Flood Aid Update

Last winter, due to thunder and heavy rain, Sistan and Baluchestan province and other southeastern cities have damaged and are in more need of help.

In part 7 of Child Foundation OFAC license, service to beneficiaries in the time of natural disasters is included. Therefore, the charity got the donations from its donors outside of Iran to help the student with their educational needs and their house repair costs.

After some research in the situation of flooded families with the help of our colleagues in Sistan and Baluchestan, we reported estimated damage to our students’ houses. To use the donated cash optimally, we divided the assistance into three phases; supply schools supplies, home repair, and living supplies. 

  • School Supplies Phase:

This flood report has been a coincidence with COVID pandemic, school closures, and the emergence of online classes this winter. These all changed the required study tools. After school closures, the minister of education launched an application to help students keep up with online classes. This application can be installed on smartphones or tablets. 

However, our supported students who have been directly or indirectly affected by the flood cannot continue their educations without access to these smart devices. This might even cause permanent dropouts from school.

Therefore, we included providing smartphones or tablets to our agenda. Since the schools will open in September, the first phase of the project will be executed before the start date of the online classes.

  • Home Repair Phase:

Based on the received reports, the damaged houses are mainly in Fonuj, Nik Shahr, and Saravan. As of now, we have evaluated the situation of the damaged houses and prepared the prerequisites. We are about to start the construction. We will try to send reporters to document the construction process and publish it.

  • Living Supplies Phase:

Due to the damages to our students’ houses, many of their furniture and living supplies have been destroyed and need to be replaced. These supplies include refrigerators and water heaters. With the help of our representatives in these cities, providing these supplies is also in progress.

After we finish the project, a full report of Child Foundation performance in these regions will be sent.

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