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Discover the heart of Child Foundation’s impactful work through our diverse range of initiatives. Our campaigns amplify the voices of children in need, advocating for their rights and fostering support within communities. Stay connected and inspired by subscribing to our insightful newsletter, where we share stories of resilience, success, and the latest updates on our projects.

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As winter’s chill settles in, it’s a stark reminder that not everyone has the luxury of shoes and warm clothing. This season, we invite you ...
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In loving memory of the late Mahin Tehrani Afshar, devoted wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, and great-grandmother. To honor her legacy, we invite friends and family ...
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Afghanistan Earthquake: Families in Urgent Need
In Afghanistan, families urgently require aid. Regrettably, around 1,000 people have lost their lives, and over 9,000 have been injured. All these individuals were already ...
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Back to School Campaign
Pencils are sharpened, and backpacks are ready to go. It’s back-to-school time! Kids everywhere are getting ready to head back to school. But not everyone ...
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A Matching Fundraising Campaign of Light in the Darkness!
Every donation to this fundraising campaign will have an even more significant impact! Thanks to the generous support of our sponsor, Dr. Khayatiyan, all contributions ...
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New Hope for Iran’s Children
Child Foundation has been recently awarded a new U.S. Government OFAC license for humanitarian support to Iran. This exciting news invites you to join our ...
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Our Partners

Bonyade Koodak
#12, Beheshti Ave, Sarafraz St., 11th Alley, Tehran, Iran, 1587696615
T +98-21-42510
F +98-021-88172908

Afghanistan child foundation

Mohammad Beyge Sarhang’s Gozar, District 1, Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan
T +93-790533170, +93-776768631

Angkor Kids Center
SamRong Village, Leangdai Commune, Angkor Thom District,  Siem Reap, 175049
Tel. +855(0) 77 848 949

Bonyad Danesh
#352, Tonekabon Buil. Enghelab St., Unit 22 Tehran, Iran,   1587696615
T  +98-21-77636377

#6, Vozara St., 20th Allay, Tehran, Iran
T  +98-21-88561936

Empower Nepali Girls

Empower Nepali Girls 340 S LEMON AVE #2209

Women & Teenagers Public Organization “Zinat”

Tajikistan, Soghd region, Khujand city,Matbuot Alley 10th FL.

Tel. +992-111121440

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Fax: +41-62-752-7078
Tel: +41-62-751-4078

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Child Foundation's Blog

Fuel for Families
While those of us unfamiliar with the climate of the Middle East and Central Asia might assume that winters in the region are relatively temperate, ...
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Our Cambodian New Year celebration
Education is about more than books and tests, isn’t it? It’s also about community. Child Foundation donors are bringing educational resources to our students every day. ...
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Child Foundation graduate in Iran is giving back
Your hardest step is the first one. But with hard work, the rest of your path will be easier. This is Milad’s message to others ...
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Child Foundation’s New President
Gary will become Child Foundation’s new President, serving as its Chief Executive Officer, starting Monday, September 28. He has spent the last ten years as ...
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Nowruz Around the Globe
We are honored and excited to be ringing in Nowruz with Child Foundation staff, sponsors, donors, supporters, and sponsored families. Sometimes called the Persian New ...
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Our Iran Program Expands
Child Foundation is partnering with Bonyad Danesh and Bemehrbani to expand support in Iran. This is in addition to our work with CF’s longtime partner, Bonyade Koodak.  These new collaborations ...
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